About Us

Hostmark Hospitality Group has made its mark on the hospitality industry by guiding hundreds of hotels, resorts, and restaurants to stratospheric success. We’re proud of the work we’ve done with existing properties, but we also love to tackle the challenge of entirely new projects, taking them from the drawing board to a successful and profitable reality.

Hostmark’s expertise encompasses every aspect of hospitality management, including day-to-day operations, sales & marketing, technology, and talent development. We have over fifty years of industry experience, a stable of high-profile clients, close relationships with top franchisors and lenders, and numerous awards for helping our clients succeed. We’re not resting on our laurels — every day, our associates do their best to maximize the value of every asset.

Hostmark Hospitality Group is based in Schaumburg, Illinois, but our reach is global. Our broad range of experience and geographic reach affords us the ability to deliver superior results to a wide range of investors & owners regardless of property type or location. We’re confident that we can impress you with our skill, our efficiency, and our dedication.